Installing Child Safety Cabinet Locks

It can be daunting to think about all the things that can hurt or kill your child.  Easily, parents wish they could lock them in the house and never allow them to get into anything that is dangerous.  Although unrealistic, it is necessary to think about locking up doors, cabinets and drawers that open up to a world of danger.  One of the easiest things to install in a home are locks and most of them are rather economical as well.  Taking the time to lock up certain parts of the home can save every parent a lot of trouble down the road!

Child Safety Locks Are Not Just for Cabinets – Explore the Door Locks Available!

Some locks are meant for doors.  Think of the trouble that a toddler can get into if they open up a door leading t the street or pool.  Depending on the types of doors in your home you can purchase either locks that fit onto the door handles or locks that install on the door to prevent it from opening all the way.  There are also child safety locks that can be used on the interior of the home that are equipped with alarms so you know if a door is being opened.  It takes 2 minutes for a child to wander away from home, and installing door locks can prevent any heart breaking moments of panic.

There are also door locks that can be used on the interior doors of the home.  Essentially, they fit over the door knobs and prevent them from being turned easily.  For basement steps, doors to the bathroom or garage- these are a priceless commodity.  They can also inhibit curiosity in linen or pantry closets where many dangerous items might be stored.

The Easiest Way to Keep Your Kids out of The Cabinets

Cabinet doors and drawer locks are very easy to install as well.  They are made in so many styles and colors that it is not necessary to baby proof and compromise the look of your home.  Every kitchen and bathroom cabinet should be equipped with cabinet locks.  Some install to the interior of the door while others can fit on the outside of the doors.  Eventually your child may learn how to open them, but for the few first years they can be a blessing.

Another child safety danger is dresser or cabinet drawers.  Kids will pull them all the way out and can risk pulling out a drawer onto themselves or actually tipping over an entire dresser.  These locks affix to the inside of the drawers and can keep them closed so that little hands can not get inside or pull them all the way out.  It is still important to not store sharp items at the outer edge of drawers where a finger might reach.

Making the Most Difficult Part of Child Locks Easy!

Many parents may think that they cannot install locks themselves.  The truth is that you do not need a professional to do this for you.  Some cabinet’s locks require nothing but a screwdriver for installation while others rely on super glue.  Installing the locks is always the safest and most long lasting route to take.  Choose locks that seem simple in design and that you will be able to open with one hand.  Most super stores allow you to try them out before purchasing.

Another very quick fix to cabinet and door lock safety is to wrap pipe cleaners around cabinet knobs.  This is a great idea to use while on vacation or when visiting other people’s homes.  For drawers a long strip of duct tape should suffice in a pinch as well.

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