Installing Child Safety Locks In Your Home

Any type of cabinet or doorway can be a place of exploration for many kids and there may be hazards associated with having them unprotected.  Doors can lead to the great outdoors or to a cabinet that has hazardous materials in them that can be lethal to a child if they eat or drink them.

This is why you should not only watch your child carefully but you should use child safety locks for doors and cabinets. Child safety locks are cheap and effective, and fit on any number of bathroom or kitchen cabinets and doors.  Just about any parent can put one of these child safety locks in.  There are two different types: Those that fit on the door handles and those that prevent a door from opening the entire way by providing a catch beneath the cabinet roof.

Ring-Type Safety Locks

This type of cabinet door lock comes designed for handles or doorknobs.  Handle-type door locks are U-shaped and are made of ridged plastic that has a connector lock.  The U loops through the handle and the lock is connected to the U. You need to push two buttons to be able to release the lock and prevents a child from opening the cabinet by just pulling on the handles.

For cabinets with knobs, you use a U-shaped plastic lock that tightens in order to completely lock the door.  It looks a lot like a bolo tie and you cannot open the lock unless you press two buttons simultaneously.  Pulling on the door itself will not release the lock.

Catch Childproofing Locks

This type of cabinet lock keeps the cabinet from opening entirely.  There are two pieces of plastic, one that is attached to the inside of the door frame and one that is attached inside the door.  The pieces of the lock will lock together and when the door is partially opened, you reach inside and release the catch, allowing the door to open all the way.

You’ll need an electric drill or screwdriver to install the latch but it is actually very simple to do.  You need to mark where the latch is supposed to be drilled in and then screw in the two halves of the screw so they come together perfectly when the door is closed.  An electric drill is preferable to a screwdriver as you can pre-drill the holes before screwing the screws in.

Safety Locks Installation

After screwing in the safety lock, you hold the catch up so that it exactly aligns with the lock and mark with a pen where it should go.  Use the drill bit and screw driver to install the catch into the roof or side of the cabinet.  There will be a button on the lock or catch to allow you to reach in and unlatch it when you want to get into the cabinet.

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