Lock Your Door! Child Lock made Easy

Child locks are truly a godsend. They not only easily keep kids out of cabinets, drawers and other places that house cleaning supplies and hazardous materials, but they also can keep certain areas of the home completely off limits. Using childproofing door locks on doors that lead to the garage or outdoors ensures that they will never leave the house.

You can get door safety locks that simply snap over the door knobs or you can purchase some that are installed higher up on the door. Many families lock the bathroom completely to ensure that little children do not play in there while mom is not looking.

Understanding the Importance a Door Child Lock Can Make!

Each year thousands of toddlers are rushed to emergency rooms because they have consumed toxic cleaning chemicals. Children don’t realize that they are not for consumption and can sip things like bleach, ammonia or pine sol in an instant.

Even worse, allowing children to access kitchen cabinets with glass dishes and other sharp or heavy objects is a child proofing hazard. They even have a door lock that you can install on your oven in order to make sure that a child doesn’t open the oven door, climb in or worse, tip it over on top of themselves.


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