The One Child Proof Lock No Parent Should Forget

If you have any guns in your home than it is vital for you to place a child safety lock on the gun cabinet. Even a padlock may be the way to go. Each year there are hundreds of children killed or seriously injured by accidental gun firings in the home.

The gun cabinet is much like a medicine cabinet and should always be locked no matter what! Using child proof locks around the home may cause you a little more work when you are trying to open something but it can be catastrophic for your children if you don’t. They make special locks that are much more than childproof that are appropriate for gun cabinets.

Child Proof Locks Aren’t Just for Cabinets

You may think of child proofing locks as something you can use in your kitchen. But the truth is that locks are made for just about everything in your home. You can lock up cabinets, drawers and even entire rooms. They have locks for the toilet, stove and even have locking devices making it impossible for children to stick things inside DVD’s, VCR’s or turn TV controls. Locks are meant to keep kids safe and should be used wherever appropriate. In the long run it can not only save injury, but the risk of things being broken or misused!

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