The Perfect Places to Install Child Proof Locks

Child proof locks are available for everything! But where are the best places to use them? In a poll of parents with toddlers and babies, they conclusively agreed that the kitchen cabinets, pantry (where treats are kept) and the toilet are the most visited places by curious children.

Installing child locks on these areas can save you a lot of running around and picking up. When idea is to make one kitchen cabinet filled with plastic storage ware and other items available for your toddler to play in. This way they can busy themselves while you are in the kitchen and you will know that there is nothing inside it that is unsafe. This can double as a storage place for blocks and plastic stacking toys rather than having them strewn all about your living room floor.

Child Proof Locks for Often Forgotten Areas in the Home

You may be surprised to know that children often get hurt playing in and around fireplaces. While there isn’t really a lock for this area, there are child proof screens that you can install which will not affect the usability of the fireplace. Another area to consider locks is in the nursery and on dresser drawers. Small children pulling up on dresser drawers can accidentally pull out all the drawers and make it a tipping hazard, which can be very serious.

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