When ChildProofing Child Safety Locks Can Help!

There are millions of homes that have guns in the home. Is your gun cabinet locked? Did you know that even an 18 month old can effectively discharge a weapon? They make special baby safety locks that are specifically intended for gun cabinets in your home that will ensure they are never penetrated! Another helpful hint, no matter how inclined you are to carry a gun under your front seat – DON’T! If your baby accidentally gets a hold of it a deadly situation could ensure!

Rules You Must Follow for Childproofing Using Baby Safety Locks!

Not to be obvious here, but if you use baby safety locks in your home you have to know that they work. Tenacious and determined children can eventually learn how to open even the most confusing lock in your home. Watch your children and never leave cleaning closets, the bathroom, cabinets or drawers unlocked for even a minute.

As soon as you do; your baby – thrilled at the chance- will scoot over there and try to see what has been hiding inside! When it comes to locking up things- a good rule to follow is ‘when in doubt, lock them out!’ Once you get used to having everything in your home locked up you will no longer feel frustrated by it; and your childproofing methods will be bettered ten fold. Another really smart idea is to take some of the hazards out of low lying cabinets; like under the sink and store cleaners etc up high and out of the way.


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