6 Deadly Mistakes Parents Make When it Comes to Child Safety Car Seats

The most well intentioned parent can still make errors that cause injury in the event of an accident.  Car seat guidelines are pretty straight forward and should be followed exactly to take the guess work out of it.  If you are making one of the child safety seats mistakes listed below, you may be putting your child in danger:

Here is a short Child Car Safety Checklist

  1. Placing infants forward facing or in the front seat with a car equipped with air bags
  2. Not tightening the harness straps enough.  It should be fitted to the child and not to blankets or heavy coats to prevent ejection
  3. The chest clip on the harness strap should lie perfectly at the sternum.  Many parents move it too low or high to make their baby more comfortable.  Big mistake!
  4. If your car is equipped with LATCH use it properly.  The seat should not fit loosely.  If you cant manipulate it to make it tight, your best bet is to use the seat belts to secure the seat
  5. Caving in to pressure from older children to sit without a car or booster seat.  Follow the laws according to where you live and stick to it
  6. Allowing kids as a treat to ride in the front seat.  Kids need to ride in the safest part of the vehicle which is the BACK

It doesn’t take long to get used to car seats.  At first they may seem tricky but as time goes on you will become an expert at installing the seat and picking out the proper equipment to keep your child safe!

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