Auto Safety Advice To Ensure That Your Child Won’t be Injured in a Car Accident

Before you leave the hospital with your newborn you are expected to make a decision on an appropriate and safe car seat for your baby.  Today children spend a lot of time in the car and car seats are designed to work with restraint systems ensuring that children are not seriously injured and killed in accidents.  Remember, an accident can occur on your street as easily as it can on a congested interstate, and a child should always ride in the back seat in the appropriate type of car seat for their age and weight!  Make no exceptions

Quickly Learn the Rules You Must Follow When it Comes to Your Child’s Car Seat!

There are specific things you can do to ensure that your family is safe while riding in your vehicle.  The first thing is to always make sure that every person in your vehicle is buckled.  Make no exceptions whether you are on a long trip or a routine ride to school.  Once you allow a child to sit unbuckled, he will think it is okay.

Aside from that, check out these note worthy points to understand simple techniques to car seat safety!

  1. If a child is under 12 years of age, they must ride in the BACK SEAT – no child should ever ride up front in a vehicle with airbags
  2. Infants must ride rear facing until they are at least 1 year old and weigh 20 pounds
  3. If your one year old is less than 20 pounds, it is okay to move him to a convertible car seat, but he must remain rear facing
  4. All children over 40 pounds and under 4’9 inches need to be sitting in a belt positioning booster.  It is recommended that children 8 years old and under use these seats
  5. Before using the installed car seat belts in your vehicle ensure that they drape the shoulder and chest properly rather than the neck area
  6. Install the seat according with the manufacturer’s guidelines and do not make any alterations on your own.  A correctly installed seat will not move side to side or forward

Even With The Use Of Car Seats, Thousands Of Children Are Seriously Injured In The Vehicle

This isn’t because parents don’t buckle their kids but because it is easy to install car seats incorrectly and many parents upgrade their child’s car safety seat long before it is advised.  Manufacturer Guidelines and your State Law need to be adhered to.  If you have questions or concerns about the seat you are using, a visit to the safety patrol should help clear things up!

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