Basic Child Safety Seats Guide

For most parents they know that a child seat is not only the law, but helps to protect their child when riding in the car from certain death if an accident is encountered. Each state and country has different laws about restraints that must be used while riding in the car. What parents need to know is that safety car seats are an absolute must and when choosing and installing one; certain precautions need to be taken.

For an infant, a child seat must be rear facing

It is always best to purchase a new seat that comes with a recall card and has the 5 point harness system which research has shown is the most effective type of harness. Infant seats should stay rear facing and in the back seat of the car at all times. Many come with a base that makes them easy to switch a sleeping baby from the car to the house or shopping center.

Installing Harness Straps is the First Step to Child Car Safety

All car seats whether for an infant or a toddler come with a harness system. Many children will fuss and whine when being buckled into their seat; but parents must remain vigilant to buckle their child in properly.

There should be no more than one fingers worth of space between your child’s body and the belt. The straps should cross the shoulders and breast plate and then fit snuggly over the upper thighs. The intention of this is to keep your child restrained and to protect vital organs of the body. If your child is wearing a coat or bulky clothing it is recommended to take off the bulky clothes, buckle them in and then use a blanket to keep them warm.

No matter what kind of car seat you use it should be installed without tying knots or adding extra pieces to the contraption. The best way is to put in the seat and then place your keep in the seat and tighten the seatbelts again. Most cars are equipped with locking belts when pulled al the way out will stay in place.

Test the seat and make sure it doesn’t wiggle side to side or forward and back and then adjust the inside seats. Purchasing a seat that has a one hand frontal adjuster makes it much easier for the parent to get a good fit on the car. Remember, that car seats used according to age and installed properly is the number one factor in ensuring your child is not killed in an accident.

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