Child Safety Car Seat Belts are A Must!

Did you know that every year more kids die in car accidents than in any other traumatic event? With the vast availability of child safety car seats it may seem odd to you, but the truth is that they are often installed incorrectly, damaged or not made a mandatory rule of car riding by the parents.

No matter how much your child dislikes being buckled; never allow them to ride unless they are secured by the seat and the harness straps. You never know when an accident will occur and even a trip around the block can turn deadly if your child is not belted correctly!

The Child Safety Car Seat Dilemma You Must Avoid!

There will come a time when your child will fuss and think that they are too big for their car seat. You may consider letting them sit in the big buckles, but you are advised not to. A child should sit in a car seat or booster seat as long as possible. Even though they may not like to be treated like a baby; it is necessary for them to be safe in an accident.

If the buckles do not cross their chest and shoulder, they really need to be in a seat. A child proofed car seatbelt that doesn’t fit well is just as dangerous as not wearing one! Don’t let your child convince you otherwise. The booster seat is best until they are at least 80-100 pounds!


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