The Confusion About Child Safety Seat Regulations Revealed!

While the majority of parents do use car seats, there are still a great many who are confused about the child safety seat regulations and what they really mean. For instance, many moms will turn their 6-month-old baby forward facing because they weight 20 pounds.

The law requires them to stay rear facing until they meet TWO requirements. They must be twenty pounds AND 1 year. This means that even if your baby is 13 months if he doesn’t weight 20 pounds yet, he must remain rear facing.

Older Children & The Real Meaning of Child Safety Seat Regulations

Just like with babies, older children should remain in car or booster safety seats until they meet your locations criteria. All regulations will include a height and weight limit as it regards to proper use.

Just because your child may be a certain age, does not mean that they can legally ride without a car seat or booster seat. In most states, a child must be 48 inches before they can ride legally without a booster. However, it really is a parent’s decision. Studies show conclusively that keep children in booster seats longer is more beneficial to your child.

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