Child Safety Seats Save Lives! Is your Installed Correctly?

The sad truth is that while the majority of parents do use child safety seats, they also use them wrong. When a car child safety seat is not installed properly, it actually causes more harm than good and can cause serious injury to your child.

However, how do you check them and how do you know if your seat is installed correctly or not? Your choices are to have it checked by a car child proofing professional, either a patrolmen or safety expert or to follow certain rules that will ensure the seat is installed properly.

When it Comes to Child Safety Seats, Twice the Buckles Inst Twice the Safety!

Most modern seats come with both the LATCH system and the standard belt attachments. Many parents have used both as a way to make double sure that the seat is installed correctly. Manufacturer’s discourage this and ask that you choose one or the other. The best way to decide which is best is to try them both and see which one makes the car seat feel more secure.

It should not wobble from side to side or forward in back when buckled correctly. Use the weight of your body in the seat before tightening the strap and make sure that the seatbelts cannot loosen. If they aren’t equipped with locks use one of the belt loops that will keep them in place.


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