Finding a Child Safety Seat for Overweight Children

Although the subject matter may be uncomfortable, there are a great many parents whose child is overweight or larger than most kids are their age. This can make finding a safety seat and staying within the legal limits difficult.

Although, no child seats are made especially for larger children you have to remember that there are thousands upon thousands of safety seats on the market. Shop around. Find some that have larger belt paths to accommodate extra height and make sure that your child fits into the harness system before you buy it.

You can also look online for the car seat manufacturer and see if they sell seatbelts that are longer than the standard ones to replace in your car seat. Don’t just move them into a booster out of frustration! Shop around and you will see that a solution is available.

The One Mistake Parents Make When Using Child Safety Seat

You buy and install the seat. You even make sure that your child rides in it every day. You have become diligent about safety and do everything possible to ensure your child is safe in the car. Then, you loosen the harness straps to fit around blankets or bulky jackets and essentially take all the safety out of the car seat.

Children should be buckled in their car seats without wearing jackets or thick clothes to ensure that whiplash types of injuries are not sustained. To tell if the straps are tight enough, you should only be able to get one finger under the strap! If there is more, than it needs to be tightened.

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