Finding Child Safety Seat Ratings That Are Unbiased

When you are looking for child safety seat ratings to ensure you are getting the best seat that money can buy in regard to safety it is easy to find. Child seats are all safety tested and will have ratings on the websites that will show just how well they fared in collision tests.

You can also look up Google searches like “best rated child safety seat” and be directed to a bunch of reports, articles and other links that will explain car seat ratings. It is always important to send back in your post card for recall when you get a seat because this way you will stay informed if your car seat rating drops or has experienced a significant safety recall.

Why Child Safety Seat Ratings May Not Deliver you the BEST Seat!

Certainly, the child safety seat ratings are a great way to begin your shopping for car seats. But one element that parents seem to look over is how well the seat fits in your car. While a seat may have the latest and greatest design and the coolest cup holders, it may not fit in your older model car or van.

If you have more than one kid in car seats, finding two that can sit side by side is also difficult. Before you buy, take the sample seat out to your car and try to install it to see if it will be a good fit. Sometimes, the cheaper, less fancy and more plain seats will actually work better for you because they can be installed without a problem.

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