General Car Seat Tips Every Parent Must Know

A car seat is one of the most important safety devices that any parent uses.  In most places it is absolute law that all children ride in approved car seats.  Yet each year so many children are hurt or killed due to improper usage or not being forced to sit in a car seat at all!  A car seat is the one baby and child item that all parents should purchase brand new!  This ensures that it has not been modified or damaged and that it is adheres to the current high level of child car safety required!  From the very beginning of your child’s life make sure that they are aware of the importance and need for sitting in their car seat!

Sometimes parents become complacent when buckling in their kids in the Car Seats

They may try to do something in an effort to make their child more comfortable or to put an end to the crying or whining that some kids do when having to sit in the car!  The bold truth is that by not following the rules and guidelines you are putting your child at a high risk for death!  Following these car seat tips will help you to keep your most precious possession safe at all times!

  1. Never use car seats that were involved in a wreck.
  2. Never loosen the buckles to make way for blankets or jackets.  Always undress your child, buckle them in and place a cover over them if necessary.  The straps must be tight – only one finger widths should be able to be placed between the harness and your child!
  3. Never place car seats in the side facing back seats of trucks!
  4. Never buy used seats.  If you cant afford one call 1-800-carbelt for methods of assistance.
  5. If you are using hand me done seats inspect them carefully to ensure nothing is broken, missing or worn!
  6. Always fill out the manufacturers recall card!
  7. A 5 point harness is the safest choice!  Make sure the shoulder straps and leg straps fit properly across your child’s chest plate and abdomen.
  8. When cleaning a car seat, hand wash the seat belts to avoid excessive wear, melting or anything that will make them less compliant.
  9. Accurately weigh and measure your child to ensure you are using the right car seat for their height, age and weight.  Never allow a child to sit up front in or out of a car seat!
  10. Never move your child into a bigger seat prematurely.
  11. Installation is the most important factor in your seat working properly.  If you are unsure have a state patrol office check it out for you.

We are lucky that car seats exist for our children

Certainly they can make things a little more difficult when riding around – but the reasons for using them greatly outweighs the risk of not doing so.

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