How to Find a Child Safety Seat Inspection Center Near You

The best way to KNOW that you have installed your seat properly is to take it to a child safety seat inspection site and have it checked by a professional. Not only will you be certain that it is installed correctly, but you will also know that you are following the laws as set by your state. If you can’t seem to find one the best thing to do is call your local highway patrol or state patrol office.

They normally have officers that are specifically trained by insurance companies in car seat installation and advice. Often, they hold checkpoints at the police station but if one isn’t scheduled an officer will be sure to assist you.

What to Listen for in a Child Safety Seat Inspection

When you get a child safety seat inspection, you will be given a lot of fast and comprehensive advice about not just your choice in car seats but your installation as well. They will walk you through the proper way to install your seat and help you to make use of your seat belts so that they work the best for you and are the safest for your child.

A car seat can be installed properly in less than 5 minutes if you know what you are doing. You should always use your weight to tighten the belts and periodically check your seat belts for wear and tear. Many parents feel that these inspections should be a routine part of parent education and realize that after many years, they had been doing it wrong all alone.

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