Inserting the Child Safety Seat in the Front Seat

All moms have sat in the front seat driving their car while their baby screamed and complained in the back. The thought and urge crosses all of our minds to move the baby up a notch and put them right next to us in the passenger seat. The problem is this really isn’t a safe place for them to be for a lot of reasons.

First, unless you can turn off your airbags, you should never attempt it. Even if you can turn off your airbags, keep in mind that front-end collisions are most common and that your baby will be right in harm’s way. Children should ride in the middle of the car or as close to the middle as possible to ensure that they are the safest.

The baby safety seat in the Front Seat is a Driving Distraction Another reason that having your baby or toddler in the front is a problem is because it creates a distraction. You will find that they play with the controls, roll windows up and down and require you to look at them more than you normally would if they were riding in back. You also will be more prone to handing them things which can make you lose your focus on the road.

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