Learn The Truth About Keeping Your Kids Safe With Child Safety Seats


As parents we should all recognize the vast importance of securing our children in child safety seats. From the time children are born, they are expected to ride securely in seats designed for their specific age and weight. As much as this is common knowledge, there are still many people who are getting it wrong and are possibly exposing their child to injuries and possibly premature death. Many of us spend hours securing our homes and scouring the shelves for the latest and greatest safety gadget, but will willingly accept a second-hand car seat for our children to ride in.

Your Child Car Seats Safety Know-How Should Definitely be Up to Snuff

Considering how many kids of all ages each year succumb to serious injury or death due to car accidents, this doesn’t make much sense. Your car seat know-how should definitely be up to snuff and here are a few pointers that can make it much easier. As you search the stores you will notice that there are many different car seats. It can be overwhelming. The best thing is not to decide on a car seat based on brand alone, rather to find one that fits your child and fits your vehicle. Unfortunately, you will have to invest in more than one car seat as your child grows and the optimum goal is to find the best one for the stage they are in now. This way they will remain in the safest position possible. Don’t try to save money when it comes to child safety, especially where the life saving car safety seat is concerned.

Make One of these Mistakes and Your Child Safety Seat Could be Dangerous!

The first thing you need to look for in a car seat, for a newborn or toddler, is whether or not it is equipped with a 5-point harness system. This is by far the safest choice and greatly reduces chances of ejection. If you have a newer model vehicle, choosing a seat that comes installed with the LATCH system will make installation easier. When you begin child proofing your car and if your car is not equipped with the child safety seat LATCH system don’t be tempted to make it work. One of the nice things about newer car seats is that they have special plastic or EPS foam installed that protects your child during a side or rear impact as well. When choosing a car seat, remember that there is a good chance your child will fall asleep in the car, so finding one that has side flaps will make it safer and a more comfortable snoozing spot.

The Next Consideration Comes In Regard To Your Child’s Age

For an infant, you must use a rear-facing seat. These can either be convertible or locked in, depending on your preference. Safety guidelines consider an infant to be a child less than 1 year old and weighing less than 20 pounds. Toddlers are tricky because they like to try and escape their seats. Once a child is over a year old AND over 20 pounds, they can face forward in the vehicle. The convertible safety seats are great and this is the time to look for a seat that will offer some long lasting qualities. Ensure it has seat belt slots that will accommodate your child as they grow and that it too is latched with a 5 point harness. Your child will ride in these seats for a very long time, so add-ons like cup holders or storage compartments are great. In addition, you definitely want the seat to be washable. It is crucial to understand that no child, regardless of age, should ride in the front seat of a vehicle equipped with air bags. This can result in a minor accident being fatal!

Are You One of the Parents Making this Huge Toddler Safety Seats Mistake?

Many parents make the mistake of taking out the car seat too early. Children should ride in a car seat until they are over 40 pounds. Once they reach 40 pounds and are 4’9 they should be placed in a child booster seat. These will work with the regular car seat belts and it is vital to ensure that they position correctly across the breast bone rather than the neck or head. No matter how old your children are, the back seat is always best and in many states the law for children under 10. Even though older kids may resent the booster seats, the Highway Safety Administration adamantly advises against allowing them to ride without a booster seat. You never know when an accident will happen. Car seats should definitely be a rule of thumb for all children in your family.

Always Use Your Car Seat In The Proper Position And Make Sure It Fits In Your Car Before You Use It

Car accidents kill thousands of children each year and many of these deaths could have been prevented if proper car seat safety precautions had been taken. Always use your car seat in the proper position and make sure it fits in your car before you use it. Remember that 5 point harnesses are the safest and above all, never use a used car seat that has been involved in an accident. Another important pointer to using car seats safely is to adjust them to fit your child without bulky coats or blankets so you know that they will be strapped in tight. If you have questions or concerns about your car seat check out one of the State Patrol car seat testing stations or look online for manufacturer recalls or warnings. As a parent you have one chance to protect your children in the car and making a wise and informed decision ensures that your child is not being put in unnecessary danger.

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