Leaving Your Child Alone in a Car

We have all heard the news stories of children who died from being left in a car. Similarly we have seen stories on the news where cars Hijackers have stolen a car only to be left with an unsuspecting passenger.

There is one easy and fool proof way to make sure that this never happens to you!  Never leave your child alone in a car!  I totally understand the frustration of having to run in and grab bread while your baby sleeps in the car safety seat.  You don’t want to wake her up and you don’t want to leave her in the car.

The only safe solution when talking about child car safety is to always take your kids in with you and never leave them alone.  Fumes from the exhaust can hurt them, children can play with power controls or even shift the car into gear causing an accident, and temperatures inside the vehicle can cause a heatstroke in minutes.

When your vehicle is at home, lock the car and keep the keys out of reach

A car is a very dangerous place for a child to play and can be deadly if children are left alone in the car.  While a carjacking may seem unreasonable at your neighborhood, you never know when something could happen to you.

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