Understanding the Child Safety Seat Requirements When Traveling

It is common to see families flying with car seats! Then when you get to your destination, you have a car safety seat that your child is comfortable with and it makes the transition a bit easier.

However, many parents don’t understand that depending on where they are going, the regulations may be different. You can check out websites ahead of time and make sure that you have car seats as required by the law in your new state. If you don’t, you risk getting ticketed. This is a chance that should be avoided and no matter what you do at home the old saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” suits well.

How Child Safety Seat Requirements are Figured

You may be surprised to know that many of the requirement put on parents in regard to car seats come from collision testing and insurance companies. Child safety seats are crash tested just like cars are and public safety commissions worldwide have spent extensive time testing how to prevent children from being injured in car accidents.

The bottom line is that car seats save lives and that your child will be safer as long as it is installed correctly! The requirements change from state to state and are not things that are voluntary to participate in. Just like seatbelts are the law, so are car seats!

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