Texas Child Seat Safety Laws Have Changed

In Texas, the child seat safety laws have recently changed. The changes were made so that all parents would more clearly understand what is expected of them.

In Texas, it is illegal to allow a child who is not 4 foot 9 inches tall to ride in a car without a car seat and if a back seat is available, children under 12 must ride in it. They do not make any exceptions. They also have laws like most states that require newborns to ride in rear facing infant carriers prior to being released.

Why Texas Child Safety Laws Have Recently Been Rewritten

The reality is that Texas decided to rewrite their car seat laws because it seemed that much of the decisions were being left up to the discretion of the parents because of the language used in writing them. Although the laws have not changed too drastically, they have increased several of the height and weight limits when it comes to kids who legally must be placed in booster seats.

Texas was one of the first states to enforce child safety seat laws and they are clearly effective at enforcing it. Over the years, Texas has less violations than many other states even though they have the highest population.

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