The Children, Safety Seat Dilemma!

Your elementary school student may not want to ride in a booster or car seat anymore. They may think they are old enough to fit in the regular seat just fine. There have also been many products designed to make adult buckles fit your 75-pound child. The bottom line is that booster safety seats are necessary.

There are many accidents where had it not been for a booster seat a child may have been killed. They allow the child proofing seat belts to work properly because tension is placed on the proper places ensuring that they lock in an accident. Don’t try to reason with your children, safety seat is the law and you and your child must abide by it!

Are your Children Safety Seat Experts?

At some point, children can easily manipulate their seatbelts and escape. A lot of the time parents may not even know that they have been driving along all the while their child has not been buckled for one mile. This is hard to avoid.

One solution may be to sit down with your children and show them pictures of kids that didn’t ride in seatbelts and who were involved in accidents. This may seem grown up, but the truth is that you have to make an impression so that they understand the importance of riding in their seat.


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