The Rules You Must Follow For Car Seat Safety

Every day children are killed in car wrecks. Many of these could have been prevented. Even though the use of car seats is a law in most places; some parents still do not follow the rules. They are pretty simple and straight forward and if you demand car seat safety in the beginning your child will grow up knowing what is expected of them while riding in your car or with someone else.

First of all; buckling habits begin with parents – so always wear your own seatbelt. The biggest rules of thumb are to have all children ride in the backseat of the car and NEVER in the front if your car has an airbag. Second, they should remain in a car seat until the regular belts fit them properly which is usually around the age of 10. You can child proof your home all you want; but if you are negligent when it comes to car seat safety you are making a deadly mistake!

Tips For Car Seat Safety To Ensure Your Baby Is Safe!

Here are a few other tips you can use to get the most safety out of your car rides. Remember, rear facing until your baby is 20 pounds AND 1 year! Always make sure that you buy a new car seat that has a 5 point harness which is safer.

A big hidden danger is the way a car child safety seat is installed and part of your purchase plan should involve trying them out in YOUR car! Never use other parts or random methods to secure a seat. A properly installed seat should not wiggle from side to side. It doesn’t matter whether you use the LATCH system or the regular belts; as long as you do it right. It is recommended to have your car seat safety looked at by a professional! Better to be safe than sorry!


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