The Statistics on California Child Seat Safety

California has some of the strictest laws on child seat safety. It is mandatory in California that if a back seat is available that all children be placed in it until the age of 10. Furthermore they require that all children 6 and under ride in booster seats or car seats with a 5-point harness. The Highway patrol in California effectively enforces these laws as well.

They write on average one thousand tickets per month per county in violation of California child seat safety violations alone. Many states will take clues from California and become more adept at enforcing and penalizing drives for not following these laws as time goes on.

Consider that California has a huge population of drivers and that they also have some of the highest accident rates and you will surely understand why car seat enforcement is such a huge part of their traffic plan.

Not only are they saving lives by being so frugal about enforcing, but they are also making a lot of revenue in the process. One thing they do is set up statewide safety checks where parents can have their seats looked at and installed by patrolmen who are experts in the field of child safety in the car. This is a huge benefit and ensures that the number one mistake of parents, installing car seats incorrectly is avoided.

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