The Truth About Child Safety Seat Belt Adapters

You might be tempted to buy one of those handy devices that make the seat belts on your car fit your child perfectly. While this may be a good solution for older kids, they definitely do not replace the need for a car safety seat.

The seat belts should cross the shoulder and the hips. Many seat belts when a child is small will cross the neck and the abdomen, which means that it can actually cause internal injuries in the event of an accident. The best shield protectors are the ones that have a plate that covers the abdominal area, but nothing beats a car seat.

The One Thing to Look for In Your Vehicle’s Child Safety Seat Belt

When the LATCH system was introduced, many parents felt immediately that it was an easier way to install the car safety seat. The problem is that often the LATCH system is hard to make the seat secure. A seat should not wobble side-to-side or front to back. If your seat belts cannot be locked, than the LATCH system is best for you.

You can tell if your belts lock or not by pulling the belts all the way out and then listening for a noise when it retracts. This means that once the belt is tightened properly it will not release tension. Seat belts that do not lock in the closed position are the main reason that car seats come with those metallic clips, which is essentially used to keep the belt from getting slack in it! Newer model cars come standard with locking seat belts.

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