Understanding Child Safety Seat Laws Before you Get a Ticket

Most states have laws across the board that require children 6 and under to be placed in car safety seats. Some may differ on the age and not require them to be in the back seat while others will mandate both. It is best to check with your local statute so you know that you are following regulations.

Otherwise, you could be in for some hefty fines. The average ticket cost for not buckling your child or not using a child proofing safety seat is around $250. Not to mention that you can be ticketed for child endangerment. Police officers also can pull you over for just that reason even if you have made no moving violation and these tickets are becoming more and more common as a way to make an impact on the percentages of parents using car seats.

Why Child Safety Seat Laws are Important!

Since it has become law to mandate children ride in child safety seats, there has been around a 75% increase in car seat use. Likewise, there has also been an 80% increase in the amount of seatbelt violations given out. These laws save lives and if you ever talk to a police officer who has had to witness an accident where a child was not buckled, you will know first hand why they are in place.


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