Understanding What Makes Baby Safety Seats Different From the Rest

Young babies are always provided with all sorts of interesting toys and seats for them to lie in when they are born. Most of these seats come with safety warnings and explain the dangers. Yet still each year hundreds of infants are seriously injured from falling out of bouncy seats or other seats that have been placed on countertops or tables.

A baby safety seat is only as safe as the supervision that they have. If they are used improperly; whether you are in the car or in the living room – they can turn dangerous. Most parents feel comfortable leaving them in seats for a moment because they have never seen them able to flip out or over; but a baby’s abilities can change daily.

The Most Important Baby Safety Seats are in Your Car!

By and large the most important seat for your baby is in the car. This seat should be purchased new and must be child proofed which means it should be  free of damage and come with a recall card so you will be notified if a problem arises. Look at safety testing and make sure that it is certified. Place a baby rear facing in the back seat at all times!!! And never forget to buckle the harness.

If the seat is not installed correctly remember that it only acts as a catapult if you are in an accident and can throw your child out of the car. It is wise to spend the bulk of your budget on a safe car seat and save thrift store shopping for other less important items.


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