Which Baby Safety Seat is Right for the Bath Tub? NONE!

You may find baby safety seats that are for the tub; but the truth is they are nothing more than a support! Don’t be fooled into thinking that using a ‘baby safety seat’ means you don’t have to worry about your child proofing habits! Children of all ages should always be supervised when bathing. Don’t answer the phone or run to turn down the burners on the stove! No matter what the seat you are using in the tub says; they are not a catch all and many children topple over in their seats and easily drown while taking baths. Use a seat that has straps to hold your child in and that supports them properly. It should have something to fit between their legs to prevent them from slipping out; but never leave them alone!

Why You Should Never Use a Bouncy as a Baby Safety Seat!

Bouncy seats are incredible. They allow a baby to have some autonomy and they usually come with cool little features that make the baby enjoy sitting in them. They give your arms a break and lots of baby’s sleep in them in the beginning of life. Even so; you should never trust a baby no matter how little to be left alone for any length of time in their bouncy seat! Lots of parents put them on the table, countertops or couch and they can easily be knocked off by an older sibling, pet or through movement! Even though they come with harness straps they are not meant to ensure safety. Even the Bumbo comes with warnings and precautions.


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