Basic Advice for Childproofing Your Kitchen

As children grow, they begin to explore and move around the house either running, crawling or walking. It is important that the house is kept safe for the children so that they are not exposed to hazards. The kitchen which is the heart of a house has plenty of items that a child may find interesting. It also harbors the most dangerous items in the house and any wrong use of the items can be fatal. To keep the kitchen safe, you may be required to remodel your kitchen.
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Giving Your Child Foods that Can Cause Choking

It is natural for babies and toddlers to want to taste everything that they touch. They will eat their mittens, their bottle caps, money, the hems of their blankets, and the ear of a teddy bear.  It seems they have no discretion.  No matter how many times we tell them no, or take things away from them they will still go back to putting them in their mouth.

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