Smart Changes in the Nursery to Keep Your Toddler Safe!

A toddler can spend half of his day in the nursery (especially if your lucky enough to have them sleeping on their own). This is a lot of time and it is common for toddlers to wake up and busy themselves in their room before alerting a parent. A baby monitor is a great way to be able to hear if your toddler is up to mischief. There are other standard safe guards as well. Move the crib mattress to the lowest setting and ensure that the rails are up and locked into place. Keep in mind most toddler will still try to climb out.

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A Quick Safety Checklist to Baby Proof Your Home

Baby proofing your home has two fold benefits.  Not only do you keep your child safe, but you also are able to keep your valuables from becoming destroyed in the process of raising children.  Experts agree that the best way to child proof is from a child’s perspective which means getting down on your hands and knees and curiously inspecting your home.

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