Guns & Child Safety – Not Locking Up Guns & Ammunition

An unintentional shooting death among American children is nine times higher than it is in 25 other industrialized countries combined.  That is pretty sad news.  Approximately one-third of families with children have a gun in the home.  This puts 3.3 million children at risk of being a victim to an unintentional shooting.

Children Are Curious And They Will Play With Gun That Are Left Out Or Loaded When You aren’t Looking

No matter what you have told your children, this is one area where you need to be diligent and lock the guns away and store them unloaded.  You can also buy trigger safety locks for your guns and make sure that they are kept in a locked cabinet.

Ammunition should be kept separate, as many kids can accidentally figure out how to load your gun.  Your 3 year old is strong enough to pull the trigger and fire off a shot that can kill themselves or others.  Statistics paint a realistic picture of the dangers that your fire arms pose to your kids.  Lock them up and put them away, Always!

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