Childproofing Your Bathroom and Preventing Hot Water Scalds

There really is a setting on your water heater than can ensure that your family is not burned by tap water from the faucets.  Kids love water, and they love to play in it.  Unfortunately they do not have the ability to gauge temperature and are easily scalded by hot liquids.  Hot tap water actually accounts for about a quarter of all scald burns, but causes more deaths and hospitalizations than any other hot liquid.

If your child gets into a tub of hot water they can be burned on larger portions of the body resulting in a more serious injury

A bathroom childproofing rule of thumb is  to never set the water heater higher than 120 degrees.  If your water heater has a low, medium or high setting knob then keep it between the low and medium settings. When we bath we are normally taking a shower in water that is between 96-98 degrees.

There really is no reason to set your temperature higher than that.  Stores also sell a great bathroom baby safety product – An anti-scald faucet which automatically shuts off the flow of water if it gets too hot.  It does not take much time for a scald burn to happen.  Your child could simply be filling up Barbie’s pool or washing their toy truck and within no time the water could scald or burn their fingers.

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