Forgetting to Childproof Grandmas Purse

If you gave your child a bag filled with random objects they would be content and happy for hours.  This is how little kids see other people’s purses.  They just know that candy or keys or something fun is lurking inside.  What they might find in Grandmas purse could kill them.

Pill bottles, cosmetics, cigarettes, sewing kits, money, gum, hard candies and other treasures will undoubtedly end up in your children’s mouth.  Poison Control gets a lot of calls from parents where children swallowed other people’s prescriptions.

Many Parents Opt To Forego The Child Proof Lids On Their Prescription Drugs

As a matter of fact 1 in 4 cases of children ingesting these drugs result from kids finding medications of people who don’t live in the house with them.  Since many parents opt to forego the child proof lids on their prescriptions children can easy manipulate them to open.  Even adult vitamins can be toxic to children.

When you have visitors in your home don’t be afraid to ask them to put up their handbags in areas where the kids can’t play in them.  It may save you an Emergency Room Visit and may save them the hassle of trying to find misplaced keys.


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