Giving Your Child Foods that Can Cause Choking

It is natural for babies and toddlers to want to taste everything that they touch. They will eat their mittens, their bottle caps, money, the hems of their blankets, and the ear of a teddy bear.  It seems they have no discretion.  No matter how many times we tell them no, or take things away from them they will still go back to putting them in their mouth.

The only way to minimize choking is to properly supervise your kid

Toys always have small parts that are hazardous to your children.   A great child proofing product that can come handy – A “choke tube” which that mimics the size of a baby or toddler’s throat which you can use to easily assess whether something is a choking hazard. Of course food is a big concern as well.

I can vividly remember my 3 year old biting a piece of apple skin and turning blue within just a few seconds.  Other foods that can compromise the safety of your child are carrots, celery, grapes, hot dogs, hard candies, nuts and popcorn.  Even if your child has eaten these things in the past with no problems they are still very dangerous.

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