Not Installing or Maintaining Smoke Detectors

Another big mistake that many of us do is not routinely checking and maintaining our fire alarm detectors.  In the middle of the night when the steady beep, beep, beep goes off warning us that the batteries are low, most of us will hit the button or disconnect the batteries making a mental note to change the batteries in the morning.  Then many of us, me included forget to do it.

In the United States 94% of all homes are reported to have at least one smoke detector in the house.  But only 75% have a properly functioning smoke detector.  Let’s be real, 400,000 children each year are injured in house fires.  If you have children younger than 5, they are more twice as more likely to die from smoke inhalation.

Test Your Smoke Alarms Every Month And Replace Your Batteries At Every Time Change

Many of these injuries could have been avoided by having functioning smoke alarm detectors.  Test your alarms every month and replace your batteries at every time change.  An alarm should be present on every floor of your home and in every sleeping area.

Some Of The Newer Detectors Perform Double Duty Detecting Smoke And Carbon Monoxide

If you cook like I do, then make sure your detector is not right above your stove to avoid false alarms.  Don’t let your child be hurt by your negligence.

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