Not Supervising Children Properly Around Water

When we go on vacation to a beautiful seaside resort or to a hotel that has a glistening pool we tend to be complacent with our kids.  We too want to relax and enjoy the vacation and can get caught up in conversations as we sit beside the water.  If you have a pool at home then chances are your house is full of good swimmers.  This too causes a problem because it tends to lower our guards.

Remember That Children Should Always Be Watched While In And Around Water

Water is dangerous – There is no way around it.  Most of the people who drown each year were adept swimmers, sure of themselves in the water.  Just sitting next to the pool is not enough.  You should be able to see each swimmer at all times, never with your back to the water and never relying on sound alone.

Locking Gates And Alarms On Doors Can Ensure That Your Pool Is Not Visited Without Your Knowledge

Drowning can be silent.  If you have a pool at home, there should be a fence around it and all access should be able to be blocked at any time.    If you are stringent regarding your rules around water you will raise your children to be that way as well.

Another body of water that many may not consider to be dangerous is the bath tub.  Unfortunately though, it is reported that nearly half of all infant drowning’s occur in the bath tub.  Obviously parents are walking away, even for a short second and it is dangerous to our children.  I have been guilty of grabbing the phone in the hall as my kids played in the tub, never thinking I was putting them in danger.

The only way to guarantee that your baby is safe is to stay there with them from start to finish.  Never leave your child alone in the tub or around any other body of water!  Don’t answer the phone, don’t run to the door, don’t dash to get supplies you forgot, make sure dinner is turned off and never make older siblings be responsible for little ones while bathing.

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