Smart Changes in the Nursery to Keep Your Toddler Safe!

A toddler can spend half of his day in the nursery (especially if your lucky enough to have them sleeping on their own). This is a lot of time and it is common for toddlers to wake up and busy themselves in their room before alerting a parent. A baby monitor is a great way to be able to hear if your toddler is up to mischief. There are other standard safe guards as well. Move the crib mattress to the lowest setting and ensure that the rails are up and locked into place. Keep in mind most toddler will still try to climb out.

Keep Your Toddler’s Bed Located Away From Windows, Furniture And Vents Or Fans

If this is the case, a toddler bed that is low to the ground will at least eliminate the danger of falling out of the crib.  Your first instinct may be to put the bed against the wall, but make sure that your toddler can’t become entrapped between the two. From jumping to playing, your toddler will definitely cause wear and tear on his bed, so check bolts and screws often and follow routine maintenance.

Falling out of bed is a common occurrence during the toddler years

It may be smart to put stuffed animals and quilts on the floor so that when they do fall, their landing will be padded. Another tip that is useful before and long after these years is to learn CPR. Any person who cares for your child, whether in your home or someone else, should be certified in CPR. Enlist the help of caretakers and family to ensure that their homes are child proofed as well. A list of all emergency numbers and contacts should be in an obvious place in your home and a corded phone should always be accessible in case of a power outage or storm situation.

Relax & enjoy these Years knowing that Your Home is Secure

The last piece of advice is take the time to enjoy these years. As your toddler explores his environment and his new abilities, there will be some frightening moments. We can’t prevent every little injury or childhood mishap, however, we can ensure that the environment we provide is free of hazards. Child Proofing is not about restricting your toddler but about setting firm limits and allowing him freedom without danger!

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