Toddler Safety Tips Every Parent Must Know

I can remember it well. My baby went from lying in my arms all day to crawling around the house so fast that I could barely keep up. All the dangers and potential hazards were slowly being unveiled, one catastrophe at a time. The toddler years start the moment your sweet and still baby becomes mobile, and add a whole new twist to childproofing!

In A Split Second A Toddler Can Go From Being In Plain Sight To Being Plainly Invisible

In this time they can be into a plethora of things, many of which can pose hazard to their health or safety. No mom wants to watch their toddler fall and the sound of their head hitting the floor is enough to make us all cringe. By following a few rules, learning some new tips and adhering to advice specifically designed for Child Proofing, you can rest assured knowing that you home is safe.

How to Endure the Toddler Years Accident Free and Safe as possible

Imagine that everything your toddler touches goes into his mouth. Now imagine everything in your home that is small enough to fit in his tiny hand going into his mouth. That is the way you need to look at your surroundings. Getting on your hands and knees and taking a peek from your toddler’s point of view will definitely put things in perspective. Envision yourself two feet tall trying to squeeze and fit into all the small spaces inside your home and then begin your child proofing. Anything that is hot, sharp, poisonous, hard, heavy, unstable and interesting will serve to lure your toddler. Remove as many dangers as possible. If your child can’t reach it or better yet cant see it he will not be tempted to touch it or climb on it.

Cords Should Be Baby Proofed By Hiding Them In A Secure Place Whenever Possible

Toddlers are extremely able to manipulate things around the home like electrical sockets and appliances. Since they mimic our behavior, they will no doubt try to stick things in every hole they can find. Start by covering electrical outlets and vents throughout the house and make sure that no appliances are left plugged in. Cords should be Baby Proofed as well by hiding them in a secure place whenever possible. Also think UP. Your toddler will look up and anything that looks interesting will be fair game. They will try to find a way to reach what they want by moving a stool or chair and climbing up on it. Make it difficult for your child to manipulate furniture like chairs, stools or benches that can be used to catapult them into the air. It may sound a bit extreme, but it does happen!

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